Until It Turns To Petals

by Small Talks

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When flowers die their petals fall off and before they know it, petals is all they are. We want to relate that to life and have this EP represent feelings and memories from life. Every feeling, every memory, every sentence, every little detail. We want it to capture something you experience before we all "turn to petals."
This EP is a guide inside the brain. Each song is a feeling.


released March 17, 2017

All songs written by Small Talks
Produced by Eli Strobeck
Lead guitars on "Cop Car" by Eli Strobeck



all rights reserved


Common Ground Records Los Angeles, California

Independent record label in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to spreading good vibes only.

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Track Name: New Dork Pity
I can't learn to hold my tongue when anger seeps inside my bones and I can't learn to stay away from the things that cause the most pain. You can be the only thing that stays inside my brain when I forget everything, I'll forget everything but you. Cause I am just a liar dressed up in cheap lace and perfume. And you are so much more than this and I can't thank you enough. These things don't come easy, yeah these things don't come easy. When I run out of words to say, am I still not telling the truth. We will find out in the end. Cause I am just a liar and I won't learn.
Track Name: Nostalgia
"Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they are."

"Time was passing like a hand waving from a train I wanted to be on.
I hope you never have to think about anything as much as I think about you."

"The past is a candle at great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you."
Track Name: Dancers
I've been staying up all night, asking me if I'm alright. I'm used to it. Keep you out of my mind, I'll keep you out of my sight. Run away when things get hard. I'll keep my head above the water. No one has to know what we do. I'll keep it lock and key, oh please just stay with me. I'm going crazy, but I can try to hide it. I was thinking you were something else every time you used my lighter to cut your hair. And I can't wait to hear you say it, that you're so much happier now without it. You're always dancing inside my head.
Track Name: Cop Car
Oh, you say I'm just a fool who's lucky to know you. On your fourth cigarette and I'm lucky to know you. And that second hand smoke is lucky to know me cause without me, whose lungs would hold it in, give it a shape and a place to do it's damage in. Last night in my dream, you asked me for some space. In the back of a cop car, you asked me for some space. Blue flashing lights, they illuminate your face. Save your last dance for me, I'm light on my feet. I'll try to have an answer for you the next time we meet about where I've been and who I am and if I'll ever stay for keeps. And if my foul mouth finds your skin. My saving grace, the holy water on my lips. When they lock me up for good, you'll be the key to my cage.
Track Name: Dream State
"Dream state is a condition of altered consciousness in which a person does not recognize the environment and reacts in a manner opposed to his or her usual behavior."
Track Name: Come Back And Haunt Me
Something about this morning makes me wish it went differently. Checking my pulse, I'm kind of dead. Whatever you say always goes to my head (I'll come back to haunt you). Some days I'll stay asleep. Whatever words leave my mouth with you always haunt me in my sleep. I shouldn't speak.
Track Name: This Is Not A Love Song
I'm watching a boy sit down with a girl, they've never met before. We’re at a party. It's like watching a movie where the boy is kind of depressed and he meets a girl who makes him feel a little bit better and maybe alive. She's his sunshine for the night. I noticed your shirt how it's inside out and I wondered before eventually asking if you had anyone who cared enough about you to fix it. Or maybe when you were little, your mom was too busy fighting with your dad and you just got used to always dressing yourself. Maybe no one’s taught you better. You said no I just like my shirt this way. It feels softer on this side. You overthink too much. You said I overthink too much. And there is something I'm trying to say. There is a point I'm trying to make. You said I overthink too much. And I can't see straight. I've fallen on the kitchen floor now I'm scribbling your name.