Pour Out

by These Minds

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Vinyl 7" available at smarturl.it/TMPourOut


released October 21, 2016

Produced by Grant BC & Drew Lawson
Mastered by Grant Berry



all rights reserved


Common Ground Records Los Angeles, California

Independent record label in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to spreading good vibes only.

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Track Name: In My Way
Wish I could bare your weight
Wish I could concentrate
My head's all over the place
I can't stand the sight of your face
I gave you all that I had to make you feel complete
But then you poured it all out, down the drain at my feet
Filling my days paying for your every want and need
You're in my way
You're not the only thing I need
No more
Pour it away, fill it up again
Got a bad feeling, it won't be the same
Ever again, ever again
Down the drain
Track Name: Shaping
I wasn't what you wanted
Wasn't what you needed
But I can't help feeling upset
Can't stop myself from hurting
I gave out all that I had
It was more than you had needed
Left me feeling empty, left me feeling jaded
Shaping myself to the form of your appetite
Exhausting myself to fit what you're after
Keep myself from harm
Break free from your charm
You always twist my arm
Track Name: Emley Moor Mast
And I can see, Emley Moor Mast
From my window at my dad's
When I look out of my window at home
I see the same thing, and it makes me feel less alone
Pour out your logic
Replenish bullshit
In solving problems I only cause more
And I'm clinging to the edge for dear life
You're stamping on my fingers
Tangle yourself up in your thick skin
The pins won't stick in you withdraw
And I can see it from just about
Everyone I know's house
In a way it connects me to a world I've drifted from
This is a world I've drifted from
Track Name: Pour Out (Digital Only)
I can't stay alert
You're waking me up, forcing me back down to sleep
I can't dream anymore
Everytime I try it's just pictures of your face in my mind
And I'm trapped inside my head
I wish this useless skin would shed
So i can pour out my happiness
And replace it all with dread
I get the sense of being watched
I'd rather it be by a psychopath than you
You're always kicking at my truth
So I'll fall down on bended knee
And you can help me up again
Track Name: Ruin
Why can't I, be what you need
When you're empty
I'll come running
To pour to you
What left me ruined
You left me ruined
Tell me what you want
Carve out my reflection
To resemble everything I never was
You broke me down
Poured me out
Left me empty
Except my mouth
The words I never said
Still haunt me to this day
I would like to just forget them
But they're stuck inside my brain