Greetings From Split

by Post Season/Such A Mess

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released August 28, 2015

Post Season:
Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Paul Leavitt -
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper - Turtle Tone Studios, NYC

Such A Mess:
Engineered by Johnny Liu in Bradbury, Ca.
Produced by Johnny Liu and Such A Mess.
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios, NYC.

Art and cover design by Nikko Casalda.



all rights reserved


Common Ground Records Los Angeles, California

Independent record label in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to spreading good vibes only.

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Track Name: Post Season - Backroads
So fucking drained. The hours withered away. Don't try and test me. I'm over you and all your constant complaints. Learn restraint; pull the reins. I hate your childish ways. I flipped the pictures of us over as I walked out the door. You always thought I wouldn't leave, like I was nailed to the floor. I'm out running circles around everything you wish that you were. I hate to break it to you, hunny, but I've settled the score. I've been driving backroads again, late nights and overthinking. I've been leaning on all my friends to carry me through all your bullshit. We'll never be the same again, and I'm becoming ok with that. And I've been driving backroads again to try and keep my head from breaking. ‘Cause you were so damn selfish. You're always so damn selfish. You’re damn right it was difficult, but in the end, I know it’s worth it. Split from your fractured thoughts that broke me down through years of bullshit.
Track Name: Post Season - Never Tell Me The Odds
You’re terrified of failure in a world that’s not afraid. We’re only as bold as the moves we make. For Christ’s sake, give it a rest. If I haven’t yet, what makes you think I’ll come around? Your fractured thoughts on what life’s about are fault lines cracking up a stable
ground. No, I won’t stop now. I ripped the cornerstone from progress, collapsed under the weight. I’m spent. Honestly, how the hell am I still awake? You said you wanted more from me. I’m clawing through the wreckage for a victory, but the pressure's hard to shake. How the hell am I still awake? You only ever talk down. You spit bullets from a naive mouth. I
guess you know it all now, but you don’t. No, you don’t. You're counterproductive, destructive, a fraction of yourself. Your hollowed heart got ripped apart. Now your words have a body count. If you told me I’m a failure, I'd have to disagree 'cause I built this life on restless nights and reckless memories. And I know I'll make mistakes, but I won’t admit defeat 'cause I built this life on restless nights and reckless memories.
Track Name: Such A Mess - Tether
I've been looking for you in the ups and downs, my wishful thinking's overdue. In the summer nights and loneliness and solitude. You've always been right in front of my face. You're always running away. If you're not happy now then when? I sink like a stone, yeah, I should have known. Waiting on your walls to cave in. I lost my nerve when your breathing started to slow. I've spent the last few years lost in orbit somewhere in your atmosphere when you severed my tether. I can feel your heartbeat from the other side of the city and I guess I always wanted to keep you safe I only managed to push you away. So tell me what you're thinking I want to live inside your head. Keep me under your thumb - comfortable and numb.
Track Name: Such A Mess - Keep To Myself (In F Sharp Minor)
I hate the rain inside my head, and the distance between my body and your bed. I hate that I let you go sail off into the unknown. I'm no good and everyone knows it. I keep to myself and constantly show it. Do I cross your mind even for a second? I know that I don't. I hate the road that took you away from me. You used to say that I was the ground beneath your feet. I'm gonna let this happen. Bet my sanity on your reaction. I just want you back. I'm sick of always chasing you I know you hate my attitude but I just want you back. I'm sick of always chasing you I know you hate my attitude. I hate the rain inside my head, the distance to your bed pushed you away.