by Something More

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released June 10, 2016

All songs written by Something More
Produced by Paul Leavitt
Photography & Layout by Courtney Coles & Andrew Le



all rights reserved


Common Ground Records Los Angeles, California

Independent record label in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to spreading good vibes only.

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Track Name: Talk in Circles
I don't think I've ever tried harder in my life. Pushing this much I don't have much time, but the time I've spent is better than the time you pissed away chasing someone else's dream, but that just makes my day. You can try but you never seemed to get any of my fucking sympathy. Your jealous stare don't bother me. Walk away and let me be. Because I'm better than I was before and these petty things that you endure are the kind of things that I ignore. Leave that bullshit at the door. You talk in circles just to prove you're not insane. And just cause you say you're different doesn’t mean that you’ve changed. It doesn’t mean you’ve changed. I don't think I’ll ever see things the way you do. Always acting like you've got nothing to lose. But sometimes life throws hard with heavy hands. Close your eyes and hope that you still stand. You keep telling yourself that lie and try to keep getting by, but you're not gonna make it. You'll get eaten alive. I know the thought of it makes you sick. When you're trying to sleep you know it always did. I can see you're black and blue from the beating that your life takes out on you. I'm chasing what I need to make it and watching as your life gets wasted. You can’t make time for anything, so fade away just like the rest.
Track Name: All My Best Friends Are Dogs
Moved out to the Midwest. Forgot about your best friends and all the ones that kept you grounded while your head’s stuck in the clouds. You felt rejected. Thought you'd find your purpose, but instead you’re just another face stuck in a different crowd. You moved away just to leave home. We're still here on the east coast. You said you're finding out just who you are and for that I can’t be mad, but we haven't skipped a beat since you left town. I forget that you are not around. But we'll be just fine, we're getting by. Your thoughts were never of here, though you were always so near. I could see you through the door lying on the floor on the phone Face-timing all your famous friends, telling them this city is dead and you'll never make it. You’re just another face in a different crowd. But we'll be just fine, we're getting by with no thanks to you for the things you left behind. It's easy to say that I'm not bitter for the way you left this place and all the things you said you stood for cause I can't help thinking I'm somehow to blame.
Track Name: Keep the Heat Low
It's gonna take me time, you're always on my mind. But I know why you did this. I still just can't believe it. Grow up faster, let’s get back together. What we had could’ve been forever. I can't make you stick around. Find in you what I found. I know you deserve it just know that you’re worth it. I'll do my best to try to ignore it and move on with my life. Don't forget those nights when we started from nothing, caught you blushing in your garage, with everyone watching. I messed up a lot this summer. I'm ok with how you feel. I took it all for granted, so cold to you, hardened steel. It makes sense for the time apart. There was always so much distance, but keep the heat low for a flame to grow because I know I'll always miss this. Your name showed up on my phone. My stomach dropped no way home. Feeling empty, almost massless. I can't break through, there's no way to get past this. It seems I can't let you go. I'll do my best to try to grow. But it seems still, you've drained up my will, an endless climb always uphill. And now I know that you're running from something. It felt like it came out from nothing. If you move on then I'll move on, but I can't keep chasing a moving target. I hope your time alone makes you remember what we had in the cold of December.
Track Name: Maybe It's Just Me
If you could read my mind you'd know that I don't hate you. I'm just trying to piece everything together and to keep us from falling apart. Cause I can't get out of my head with these thoughts about your bed that keep me awake at night and dreaming about the past. You say we're perfect but I just can't see past the things you did when you didn't know me. I know I'm gonna hurt you and bring you down, but this isn't gonna work this time around. Maybe it's just me and none of this matters, but I'm still always thinking about the nights spent in your room when I wasn't around. I hate myself for hating this and there's nothing that can change it, but you can't change how I feel no matter how much you regret it. Oh you know you're killing me, but I won't die that easily. Fuck your past cause it's fucking up my head. Fuck your past and get out of my bed.
Track Name: Distance & Space
I woke up today drenched in sweat from the scenes up in my head. They bummed me out and showed me just what I'd been missing. They didn't feel like dreams to me. It felt like I lost everything. No end in sight, no bullet to bite. Just close my eyes and hope it's alright. I haven't seen you lately. I'm hoping this time maybe things will work out different and by the time you feel it I'm afraid that we might have missed it, but there's still time to work it out different. I know you thought I stood you up. I think I just called it bad luck. It would be no different from what I'm always saying, but you saw through all those old lies that I spat when your eyes met mine. I swear I'm different from what I'm always saying. And even though I think this just brought out what you hate, we needed this night to close the distance and space. I still can't find a way around all the things you said ringing out in my head. I saw the best in you but...
Track Name: Keep It Going, Never Stop
Nothing in life comes easy. Just ask the old me, but I'm better now cause I found out the right way to end the story. You know it's all about the ups and downs, shredding that last hint of doubt. I know one day you'll see as you become who you want to be. Don't just give up because you're afraid of failing. You only fail if you don't try. That cycle's never ending. One thing I learned from the past years of my life is not to waste any time. You'll never make it out alive. It's not really like I'm guessing about all the things you’re stressing. I've seen the same worn down face staring back in my reflection. If it has no use just let it go. You need to free up space to grow into who you want to be. Nothing in life will come easy. Don't take for granted. This chance that you've been handed.
Track Name: It's Not About You
I know you want to see me everyday but that’s not how this works. You call and you write. Guilt trips every night just to bring me closer to you. But I'm not standing by anymore. I'm gonna pack my things and walk out that door. I don’t want to think about what you'll say to me when I'm packing up my things to leave. I never thought that this would end or that I’d have these thoughts in my stupid fucking head. You did right by me. You saw me through. I just wish I hadn't seen through you. Now it's over and you're gone. You beat me to the punch, split my lip and broke my heart. We had our time and now it's past. I always knew that this would never last. But I'm not standing by anymore. I'm gonna pack my things and walk out that door. I don't want to think about what you said to me when you packed up your things to leave.